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BirdAlert - Smart Automated Bird Dispersal

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Cutting edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology to detect and scare geese, rooks, gulls and starling. It's also shown to be effective on crows and jackdaws.


BirdAlert monitors your site 24/7 using an advanced microphone system. When a specific nuisance bird is in the area – it activates using one of the five input options. The recommended speakers have proven to be very useful, as they use a built-in library of distress calls targeted towards the particular species.

Smart bio-acoustic bird dispersal - About BirdAlert
Everyday use
BirdAlert is placed in the wanted area and monitored through an online portal. The box will detect when the chosen birds are within a radius of up to 250 meters. BirdAlert is equipped with five sockets, allowing the customer to connect different scare tools, including the recommended speakers, as well as a gas cannon, kite controller, eagle eye and scareman.

About the box
BirdAlert is carefully sealed and out of consideration to humidity, insurance, and lifetime should never be opened. Furthermore, the innovative technology is continuously updated with new software to retain the effectiveness of the system. Ensuring it maintains its effect week after week, year after year.

Online portal
BirdAlert comes equipped with an online portal, which acts as a single point to monitor the effectiveness of your investment. Your online portal observes what happens when you’re not around. See how many times BirdAlert has activated and which species have been scared. No need for manual adjustments, once BirdAlert is setup; everything is done through the online portal. Truly digital bird control!

BirdAlert has proven to be effective against a large number of birds. Birds such as Gulls can be boisterous and can cause considerable damage to corporate buildings. Geese are known to cause problems in fields due to the number of crops they eat. Starlings come in large flocks and settle in stables, pastures and fruit plantations where they eat as much as they want, Rooks gather in large colonies and can very inconvenient due to noise, bird dropping and their immense appetite. 


These problems can all be solved by implementing a BirdAlert box at your site. Feel free to talk to our team for a free consultation on the bird species that are causing you problems.

Works straight out of the box with one year bronze subscription to receive updates and app access. Annual fee applies after one year based on chosen package.

Package includes, BirdAlert unit, microphone, speakers, tripod, solar panel, mains adaptor, scare man unit, or gas cannon (please advise on checkout)

(leisure battery for scareman and gas for cannon not included) 

Get in touch for a bespoke set up for your site!

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