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Exalt 10ltr

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021-Exalt - 10ltr
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Application Rate - Cereals 1-2 Lt/ha (Onto stubble or post germination), Oil Seed Rape 2Lt/ha (Onto stubble), Carrots and Other Vegetables 2Lt/ha, Maize 2Lt/ha, (At sowing or post germination), Legumes (Beans, Peas, Soya) 1Lt/ha, (At sowing or post germination), Sugar Beet 2Lt/ha (post germination), Potatoes 2Lt/ha (At Planting) - Dilute with 200 - 400 Litres of water.

  • Promotes healthy microbes which in-turn breaking down crop residue and recycle nutrients for plant uptake.
  • Perfect for No-Till and Min-Till land. Helps to rejuvenate soils and makes water and oxygen penetration more effective.
  • Provides essential amino acids to the plant triggering defence mechanisms.
  • Triggers a defensive mechanism increasing crop hardiness.